Optional Accessories

A wide variety of optional accessories available to make the most of your Everio enjoyment.

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Easy Archiving and Viewing Solutions

Everio SHARE STATION®Selected models


SHARE STATION® Direct DVD Burner/Player
  • With HD Everio: Can create AVCHD discs* and standard DVDs without using a PC
  • With Standard Everio: Can create a standard DVD without using a PC
  • Playback directly on your TV/display
  • HDMI®, Component (Y, Pb, Pr) output, Audio/Video output
  • 1920x1080/60P Output and with x.v.Color™
  • Remote control provided
  • USB cable provided

Direct HD Playback

With the CU-VD50 SHARE STATION®, playback of created AVCHD DVDs is also possible. You can enjoy powerful Full HD video on HDTV. No PC required.

Direct HD Playback


  • With HD Everio: Can create AVCHD discs* and standard DVDs without using a PC
  • With Standard Everio: Can create a standard DVD without using a PC
  • Portable design with super slim drive
  • Compact AC adapter
  • Storable USB cable
  • * Footage recorded in the UXP mode cannot be stored to disc with CU-VD50/VD3. Use the Everio MediaBrowser software on your PC to store footage onto Blu-ray disc or hard disk drive. For other suggested archiving solutions, please refer to "Other Storage and Playback Solutions" at the bottom of this page.
SHARE STATION® Common Features
  • Direct connection with Everio via USB2.0
  • DVD burning operation can be controlled by Everio
  • Uses DVD-R/-RW disc, DVD-R DL disc supported
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically (Stand included)

HD Media Player


Multi-Format Player with Dual SD Card Slot
  • Plays back video saved on SD card to enjoy viewing on HDTV
  • Also compatible with digital still cameras
  • Dual SD Card slot for data copy over two cards
  • HDMI®, Audio/Video output
  • Remote control provided

Multi-Format Player with Dual SD Card Slot

Supported file formats
Video MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 AVCHD .mts/.m2ts
MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (Audio: AAC) .mov
MPEG-2 TS .tod
MPEG-2 PS .mod/.mpg
Photo JPEG .jpg
Audio MP3 .mp3
WAV .wav

Note: Supports up to 24 Megapixel JPEG files. Some files may not be played back properly even though they are one of above formats. To play back data saved on microSD card, microSD card adapter is required. SD/microSD card and microSD card adapter are not provided.

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More Battery Power

BN-VG114 Data Battery
  • 3.6V, 1400mAh

BN-VG121 Data Battery
  • 3.6V, 2100mAh

AA-VG1 Battery Charger
  • For charging BN-VG series battery
Continuous operation times (approx.)
HD Everio Standard Everio
HDD models / GZ-HM550 Other models HDD models Memory models
BN-VG114 1hr 20min 1hr 45min 2hr 30min 3hr 5min
BN-VG121 2hr 5min 2hr 40min 3hr 50min 4hr 40min

Everio includes patented and other proprietary technology and is made to be used with the JVC Data Battery and not with other batteries. JVC cannot guarantee safety or performance of the camera when it is operated by other batteries. For additional information about JVC Data Battery, please contact an authorized JVC dealer in your country.

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Easy Carrying & Creative Shooting

VU-VG1K Starter Kit

VU-VG1K Starter Kit
  • BN-VG114 Data Battery
  • CB-VM15 Carrying Bag


CB-VM9 Carrying Bag
  • Can carry Everio with the battery attached


CB-VM30/VM70/VM80 Multifunction Carrying Bag
  • Can carry Everio with its series of accessories

Conversion LensHigh Definition models

GL-V0746 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens

GL-V0746 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens
  • 0.7x (ø46mm)*
  • * Adapter ring (ø37mm) required

GL-V1846 Telephoto Conversion Lens

GL-V1846 Telephoto Conversion Lens
  • 1.8x (ø46mm)*
  • * Adapter ring (ø37mm) required



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Other Storage and Playback Solutions

Recommended Hard Disk Drives/BD Burner

Just connect with Everio via USB*. Recorded data can be stored and played back with easy operation via connected Everio.

  • * Optional USB cable required (Mini A male to A female).

Seagate® FreeAgent™ Desk

FreeAgent™ Desk
500GB, 1TB, 1.5TB

LACIE Hard Disk, Design by Neil Poulton

Hard Disk, Design by Neil Poulton
500GB, 750GB, 1TB

LG Electronics LG Blu-ray Drive BE06LU10

LG Blu-ray Drive BE06LU10
Creates Blu-ray discs without a PC!

Not all accessories available in every region. Please check with your dealer.