HD Everio makes it easy to record "now" and enjoy "forever". This future-ready image quality is made possible by a combination of superior basic performance and enhanced enjoyment functions.

Brilliant Functions and Performance

Newly-developed JVC Original GT LENS

New optics were custom designed and manufactured, incorporating several aspherical lenses to achieve finer image reproduction while maintaining a compact profile. Extra-low dispersion glass is used to minimize aberrations.


Newly-developed JVC Original GT LENS

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29.5mm Wide Angle

When zoomed out to full wide (1x), your angle of vision is equivalent to a 29.5mm lens on a 35mm SLR camera. This lets you shoot landscapes and get everyone into group shots, without having to back away.

WIDE 29.5mm

Previous model(48mm) 29.5mm Wide Angle

Super LoLux / 29.5mm WideFeatured Video Super LoLux / 29.5mm Wide

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Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

With built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, you can enjoy a variety of wireless applications in combination with optional devices.


Transfer video to a smartphone

You can transfer video files (resized) from Everio to a compatible smartphone, and then upload to the net without a PC.

Transfer video to a smartphone

Synchronize with Google Maps™ on a smartphone

With a GPS unit, you can record location data on a video file. When it is played back on Everio, it synchronizes with Google Maps™ on a smartphone.

Synchronize with Google™ maps on a smartphone

Remote control Everio

You can control the camera's basic operations via a compatible smartphone.

Transfer still images

You can transfer still images from Everio to a compatible smartphone.

Note: Works at a distance of up to 11 yards/10m (approx.). Depending on radio wave activity or physical obstructions in your surroundings, or characteristics of the product you are using, communication may terminate abruptly or communication distance may become reduced to under 11 yards/10m.

Compatible devices
Function Smartphones with
Android™ (V2.1)
BlackBerry HTC
Windows Mobile
Remote control Yes Yes Yes
Transfer stills Yes Yes Yes
Recorded GPS data Yes Yes Yes
Video transfer Yes - -
Synchronized map Yes - -

Installation of application required.

Featured Video Bluetooth® Wireless TechnologyFeatured Video Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

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High-Speed Motor Drive Shooting

As many as forty 2.1 Megapixel stills can be shot at up to 60 frames per second (fps), a speed that rivals what’s offered by typical DSLR cameras. For even higher image quality, you can also shoot 4 Megapixel continuous stills (up to 40) at 15 fps.

High-Speed Motor Drive Shooting

Shooting speed and number of images
Speed Mode 4Mega Continuous Stills 2.1Mega Continuous Stills
High Speed 15fps, up to 40 images 60fps, up to 40 images
Medium Speed 7.5fps, up to 40 images 10fps, up to 40 images
Low Speed* 5fps, no limit 2fps, no limit

*Speed may become slower depending on media writing speed or slow shutter.

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High-Speed Recording for Ultra-Slow Motion Playback

High-speed recording mode shoots ultra-slow motion video to capture dynamic movement that is not visible to the naked eye. Effective tool for sports technique analysis and nature studies.

High-Speed Recording for Ultra-Slow Motion Playback

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2D-3D Conversion

This camcorder is equipped with a professional-grade real time 2D-3D converter that allows you to play back 2D recorded video and stills as 3D images. Of course, regular 2D viewing is also possible.


Glasses-free 3D LCD Monitor

The monitor gives you a 3D view you can see without having to wear any 3D glasses, so you can check the 3D image in real time while you shoot!

3D Playback on 3D Monitor

2D recordings that are converted to 3D can be output via HDMI® to an external 3D monitor for full impact viewing.

Featured Video 2D-3D Conversion 3D LCDFeatured Video 2D-3D Conversion 3D LCD

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